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Want to grow your online marketing presence? Unsure what tools to use to make your digital marketing campaigns shine? At Good Commerce, online marketing is our jam. We specialize in helping small businesses find new clients. We achieve this through a tailored and measurable approach to online marketing that’s suited to our clients’ individual needs. 

Whether you’re looking to grow your Google Ads, Tweet up a storm, or send effective email campaigns, our team of digital marketing experts know the recipe for success. 

Book a Discovery Call today and let’s review your marketing needs. We’re confident we can build a comprehensive marketing strategy that works for your business.

Here are some of the Online Marketing services we offer to our clients:

Blog Writing

A good copywriter understands their copy needs to reach your target audience while also scoring highly with Google. The fact is, Google loves websites that are regularly updated with relevant content. Blogs achieve this goal, scoring highly for search engine optimization (SEO), while also providing a steady stream of content that’s easily shareable on Google. Our copywriters research topics and keywords that your customers are searching for, before writing engaging content that leads to more conversions on your site.

Google Ads Setup

Google Ads is Google’s in-house advertising system that allows advertisers to bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results. This highly effective form of advertising allows businesses to jump-start their growth goals and pinpoint their target audiences. We utilize data-driven and measurable strategies to identify the keywords your audience is using to find your business. This proven strategy has consistently helped our clients grow their business beyond their targets.

Facebook Ad Management

No matter what industry your business is in, you can reach your target audience through the Facebook Ad network. Encompassing Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, the platform’s powerful retargeting tools allow us to test various ads and demographics to ensure we are maximizing your ad spend. Once we settle on the right mix, we’ll laser focus our approach on reaching the right audience for your business.

Email Marketing Campaigns

While it may seem like an old-fashioned digital marketing tactic, email marketing has never been more important, or relevant, than it is now. A successful email marketing campaign is more than just a monthly newsletter. It involves an automated flow that reminds clients about your brand in an organic manner and encourages them to visit your site. More than ever, the content of your email marketing is all important. Our team has years of experience in building winning email strategies that work to grow our clients’ businesses. We are happy to integrate your website with email campaigns on MailChimp, Klaviyo, or your preferred service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Did You Know: Google’s search algorithm uses more than 200 factors when ranking a website. Tough to keep up with, right? Our team understands search engine optimization so you don’t have to. We conduct keyword research for your industry and apply the appropriate keywords where they’ll make the most impact on your website. We focus on areas such as meta titles and backlinking to boost your business ranking in an organic and sustainable manner.

Social Media Management

Nowadays, it’s not enough for your business to be on social media. In fact, most businesses spend their time on social shouting into the void. It doesn’t need to be this way. Our social media experts have a sixth sense for the type of content you should be sharing to maximize customer engagement. We will partner with you to develop a comprehensive social media strategy based on data. We focus on engaging with your audience in a way that sparks conversation and builds your audience organically. Turn your social media accounts into a powerful marketing tool and partner with Good Commerce.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Social media growth doesn’t happen overnight. However, there is a proven way to jumpstart your efforts and get quick results. Influencer marketing allows you to leverage the trust and expertise of an influencer and tap into their in-built audience. Using our network of clients, we can connect you with influencers that will increase your social engagement and grow your client base.

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