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What services does Good Commerce offer?

Good Commerce Agency offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your business. Our offerings include Shopify website design and development, digital marketing, content creation, SEO optimization, graphic design, social media management, e-commerce solutions, branding, and more. We're your one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing and e-commerce needs.

How much do Good Commerce’s services cost?

To meet the unique needs of our clients, we believe in creating tailored service packages that are custom-suited to their needs. We are keenly aware of the budgets for small-, medium- and large-sized businesses and our services are designed to maximize value, which is why we have no one-size-fits all pricing.

Feel free to contact us for an initial consultation, so that we can better understand your needs and offer a suitable quote.

What kind of content creation services does Good Commerce offer?

Content creation nowadays is more than just blog writing! Our team understands the latest trends and we can help improve your copywriting, graphic design, photography and even your videography. View our Content Creation page to find out more.

Does Good Commerce manage social media accounts for businesses?

Yes. In fact, social media management is one of our most popular services. We know social, we know the platforms businesses should leverage for best results, and we know how to grow your audience. We’ll help turn likes into leads and comments into conversions.

What happens in a discovery call?

Before beginning a partnership, we will meet with you for a discovery session. This informal meeting allows us to get to know each other a little better, discover what makes your business unique, learn what your goals are, and devise a strategic path forward to help you achieve those goals.

Education & Resources

How can SEO (search engine optimization) help my business?

Search engine optimization is the process of getting your website ranked as highly as possible in Google results pages. Each minute, over two million searches happen on Google. 80-85 per cent of these searches are for a product or service. A well-designed search engine optimization campaign puts your business at the forefront of these search results, building a consistent pipeline of leads for your business.

Do you offer consultations for business owners?

Yes, we offer consultations for business owners who are looking to optimize operations and integrate marketing strategies. Our goal is to provide personalized consultations to understand your specific needs and ambitions. Whether you're looking to enhance your online presence, boost sales, or optimize your digital strategy, we're here to provide expert guidance and tailored solutions to help your business succeed.

How long does a website take to build?

We typically build new websites on a 12-week timeline. This allows us to ensure that we have enough time for design, as well as to incorporate your feedback and test thoroughly.

If you have a web build project with a unique scope or schedule, get in touch to discuss a custom timeline.

Why does Good Commerce use Shopify?

Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform that’s reliable, easy-to-use, and secure. Out of all the website options out there, we believe Shopify gives our clients the optimal platform to grow and succeed and we are passionate about helping them.

Where is Good Commerce based?

Although Good Commerce has a headquarters in Vancouver, BC, our team members are located all over Canada. From BC, to Alberta and Ontario, our remote team contributes to our operations on a daily basis.

Agency Opportunities & Operations

Is Good Commerce Agency hiring?

Yes, Good Commerce Agency is always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our team. We love to welcome passionate, creative, and driven professionals to apply for various roles, including marketing, design, development, and more. Check our Careers page for current openings and opportunities to become part of our dynamic team.

Do you offer internships or apprenticeship programs?

For the right candidate, we would be open to opening up an opportunity for internship or apprenticeship. If you think you have something to bring to the table at Good Commerce, send us an email to to let us know why.

How can I partner or collaborate with Good Commerce on projects?

Collaborating with Good Commerce Agency is a breeze. We welcome partnerships and collaborations that align with our mission and expertise. Whether you're looking to co-create marketing campaigns or explore joint ventures, please get in touch with us through our Contact page, and we'll be thrilled to discuss potential opportunities.

What is Good Commerce’s culture like?

Good Commerce Agency's culture is dynamic, creative, collaborative, and above all, super fun. We foster an environment of innovation and teamwork where every member is valued, and our culture encourages growth, learning, and a passion for delivering exceptional results for our clients. Join our team, and you'll experience a vibrant and supportive work atmosphere.

Learn more about our team by visiting our About Us page!

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