The Mindful Adult

We developed a new name, visual identity, and logo for The Mindful Adult ADHD Clinic, formerly West Coast Adult ADHD. ⁠West Coast Adult ADHD was expanding across Canada and needed a new name unlimited by regional boundaries. We developed the name The Mindful Adult based on SEO effectiveness and clarity of message. The new name speaks to the young professional ideal client and maintains both approachability and professionalism. ⁠

The logo we designed for The Mindful Adult is built with a friendly sans serif typeface that lends itself well to an accessible, gender-neutral logo and identity. Included in the logo is the 7-petal flower logo mark, representing the brand’s welcoming nature. ⁠

By and for people with ADHD, The Mindful Adult ADHD Clinic empowers their clients through in-house therapy, coaching, and treatment. They fast track clients towards mental health support by getting them the documentation they need with quick diagnostic assessment turnaround times. 

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Project Highlights

  • Refined visual identity with a comprehensive brand guide

Our Deliverables

  • Brand strategy & visual identity
  • Logo Design
  • Naming
  • Branded Mockups
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