Working at Good Commerce

Working at Good Commerce

You’re likely a firecracker and you’re looking for your next role. Is Good Commerce the right fit for you? Based in Vancouver, BC, we’re a small, women-led team of marketers with extensive Shopify expertise. We want to make sure you have everything you need to thrive; and in turn, we expect your best work. 


Enjoy Your Work

  1. Have an Impact on Business Owners:

Having genuine care for our clients is the core of everything we do. Our team wants to do their best work to contribute to the team, but the results our clients get give us the warm and fuzzy’s we need to keep our batteries going. Helping businesses grow is our why and we hope it’s yours as well.

  1. Be Part of a Growing Company:

Good Commerce classically grows 50%-100% per year and with that, there’s a lot of opportunity to grow as you get more comfortable with our team, our clients and our processes. We like to promote from within and develop leaders but understand that some folks just want to flourish in their careers as an individual contributor and we respect and appreciate that. Your career is yours to navigate but ours to tend to.

  1. Work on a Variety of Projects:

If you join us, you can expect to have a wide variety of projects to work on throughout your career at Good Commerce, always multiple projects at once. We work with some incredible businesses and have great relationships with our clients. We primarily work with Service-based businesses and health and wellness DTC brands. No two clients are alike, but we always take our learnings from one project to apply to the next. It’s the constant challenges that keeps us on our toes.  

  1. Resourced to Get the Job Done:

We are a MacBook Pro/Google Drive kind of team. When your laptop is your primary work device, we know how important that is to your flow. We ensure you have what you need to set up your remote office; we have you covered from Laptop to monitor, keyboard, mouse, camera, iPad, lighting, whatever you need to do your best work. We also make sure you have the programs you need to meet your needs.

  1. Collaborative Team:

At Good Commerce, we primarily hire people who are experts in their field. There’s a huge benefit of having a bunch of experts in one place - collaboration to learn from one another. We collaborate through team syncs, client strategy meetings, jumpstart meetings, on Slack and in our day-to-day work. Our team really exemplifies the idea of 1+1=3.


Perks That Enhance Your Work-Life Balance

  1. Flexible Schedules:

We know how we work best and sometimes it means we need to take a midday walk to get some deep thinking in or we need to be able to work late to make a deadline but want to kick-start the weekend a little early. As long as you’re here for core hours, we let you set the schedule that works best for your workflow.

  1. Remote Working:

We’ve been a remote company since day one. Remote work isn’t for everyone, but for those of us that thrive in this environment, it’s a game changer. I ask that if you apply to work at Good Commerce, you have experience thriving in a remote work environment.

  1. Professional Development:

There’s an old adage about not wanting to waste time investing in your team in case they leave, but what happens when they stay? When you join the team, my long-term plan is to have this be your ideal job for the next 20 years. This industry is changing constantly and because of that, you’ll need to ensure you’re learning as the months and years go by. I’ll send you relevant TikToks for your role, send you books to read and suggest conferences you go to. But I’m always thrilled when team members take the wheel and bring ideas for their own professional development to me.


Relevant Details

Competitive Salaries: We believe in fair compensation for the impact your hard work and dedication has for our clients and in-house at Good Commerce. 

Extended Benefits: Your well-being is a priority for us. We offer an array of extended benefits to ensure you have peace of mind, including health and dental insurance, including mental health support.

Flexible Work Hours: Our core working hours are from 10 AM to 3 PM PST, with the flexibility to choose your work hours within 7 AM to 7 PM. Design work around your life - not the other way around.

Women-Led Team: As a woman Founder, I understand that we come to work as whole humans with lives and families and passions and hobbies. There’s no toxic glass-ceiling we’re expecting you to break through. I understand the importance of working on self-confidence and working through internalized gender stereotypes. We celebrate one another’s achievements; we just also happen to recap last night’s episode of The Bachelor in some of our team meetings. 

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