Why and How to Take Care of Your Mental Health as an Entrepreneur

entrepreneur and mental health

With Bell Let’s Talk Day now behind us, mental health is even more top of mind at GD Commerce.

In today’s world, many people idolize entrepreneurship, which can be good and bad. For a business owner, mental health is extremely important as far as their productivity, work balance, and life satisfaction are concerned.

This survey from 2015 indicates that 30 percent of entrepreneurs listed a history of depression, and 5.4 percent were identified as suicidal.

Even if you’re not currently dealing with a mental health issue, every entrepreneur could use a these reminders to keep your mind level:

Make time for yourself, away from business (and thinking about business).

When many entrepreneurs finally carve away a weekend to themselves to get away - they’re still thinking about work. It is important to really make a concerted effort to live in the present moment, and fill all parts of your life with success in order to be in good moods! That means being successful with your time off, and actually using it as time OFF. Challenge yourself to do one non-work related thing that makes you happy every day

Celebrate successes and practice gratitude.

When work gives you lemons, give thanks. It’s important that even in the more challenging times of working for yourself, that your best successes have come from your efforts! You always find solutions for yourself, and you always can. Sit back and appreciate all that you’ve created every now and then.

Look at your business’ efficiency, how you can use your time more wisely, and avoid burnout.

Are there things that take up too much time without good reason? Look at what you can delegate, expedite, or make more efficient for yourself by getting outside help. When entrepreneurs burn out from stress and working too much, it really can cause many challenges for your business. Therefore, it’s important for both body mind and business to take this to heart!

Take care of your physical health.

Eat well, exercise right, get enough sleep.  If these basic things aren’t functioning well, neither will your business - being healthy improves confidence and happiness levels, which also helps when you’re meeting new people, talking with clients/customers etc.

Locate Resources - hotlines, websites etc.

Post mental health resources in your work space to remind yourself that you can always find help. This could be a trusted friend’s photo, or a mental health hotline, or the number for your counsellor/therapist. You could also look for local business owner networking groups to connect with like-minded individuals, or find mental wellbeing groups or classes in your area!

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