Top 5 Shopify Themes (Free and Paid)

Top 5 Shopify Themes (Free and Paid)

Picking the theme for your Shopify website is a fundamental part of the building process, and likely one of the very first things you do when starting to set up your Shopify store. 

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a theme: Does your theme have built in apps? Do you want to custom develop, or rely on built-in customization tools? Is your theme designed for the type of website you’ll be building? What’s your budget?

Here are some of our experts’ favourite Shopify themes for all kinds of websites and stores. 

1. Dawn

Dawn is the default theme that comes free with every Shopify store. The beauty of Dawn is its incredible simplicity and flexibility. 

For developers, Dawn is a great blank slate theme to build custom features on top of. If you have many custom features in mind for your site, Dawn is a great place to start.

Dawn supports large media files and high-res images without increasing your site’s loading times, making websites built with Dawn smoothly navigable on both desktop and mobile. 

Price: Free

2. Stiletto


Marketed as “a luxury Shopify theme optimized for growth”, Stiletto is a great multi-purpose theme option for high-volume stores, with features designed to boost conversions.

Unlike Dawn, Stiletto features plenty of built-in app functionality, saving you money on extra apps or time building your own custom code. 

Stiletto is a great option for Shopify retail stores looking to show off product variations. Product pages within Stiletto are highly customizable and optimized to increase sales. Brand storytelling takes centre stage with long form text areas for editorial content. 

Price: $300 USD

3. Palo Alto


Palo Alto is another great option for retail stores. Like Stiletto, Palo Alto is highly customizable and comes packed with everything you need to make your brand stand out. 

Palo Alto has a variety of flexible layouts and options to fit any business. It supports animations, high-res images, colour swatches, and galleries, making it a great choice for any brand with a variety of product options. 

Price: $300 USD

4. Origin

Origin, released in November 2022, is another minimalist free Shopify theme option. A neutral palette and a selection of fun fonts sets this theme apart and will help products stand out. 

It’s especially great for single-product stores, with the ability to showcase additional product photos under the product listing on the main page. With a large section available for reviews, Origin lets users display social proof in an easily-navigable way. 

Origin is easy to set up and a great theme to pick if you’re looking to get your website live fast. 

Price: Free

5. Impulse

Impulse is designed with high-volume stores in mind, featuring collection sub-listings, homepage menu lists, and custom collection sidebar filters.

Impulse is a great choice for stores that run frequent sales and offers, as the theme allows you to highlight different promotions in multiple places throughout your store’s website.

Price: $320 USD

Which theme is right for me?

Ultimately, the theme you choose should be determined by the needs of your business or project. If you’re building a homepage, a theme that emphasizes product pages might not be the best option for you. If you’re looking to save on custom development and additional apps, then a theme that comes pre-loaded with features you want could be necessary. 

How do I install and customize a theme?

Getting a Shopify theme up and running is easy, but customizing it exactly to your specifications can be a challenge. 

You can spend hours researching Shopify articles, blog posts, YouTube tutorials, and more finding out the best ways to implement a Shopify theme and tweak it exactly to your needs. Or, you can hire a Shopify expert like us and have a team of experts do the hard work for you.

By consulting with experts, not only will you receive custom advice on which theme is best suited for your business, you’ll get access to years of Shopify experience. Choosing a team of Shopify experts that also specializes in marketing and SEO means your website will have an optimization advantage right out of the gate. 

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