Tips to Stay Productive While Working from Home

Tips to Stay Productive While Working from Home

As companies across Canada begin to roll out remote working protocols, it’s left a lot of people facing their first ever time working from home. The good news is, it’s not all that bad! You get to avoid frustrating commutes, noisy office colleagues, and there’s certainly no dress policy in your own home. When the initial novelty wears off, many can find it hard to maintain their usual productivity over an extended period of time.

At GD Commerce, our entire team works remotely without any impact on our productivity. What works best for each team member is different, so we asked our team to share their tips for how they remain productive while working remotely. Here’s what they had to say:

Have Employees Check in Regularly

Managing a remote team brings with it some unique challenges. The one thing a manager needs to stay on top of is accountability without seeming overbearing. I trust my team and I know they’re working hard. I schedule regular check-ins with them so that we’re both aware of their workload, can prioritize tasks, and also so that they know I’m there to provide any support they might need. As the leader of a remote team, setting the example you want to see from your people goes a long way. Gabby

Write Down Your Deliverables

My top tip for productive remote work is to write down your deliverables at the start of each week. Then, break them down into achievable, daily goals. This stops you from becoming overwhelmed and always gives you a roadmap to refer back to. It's surprising sometimes how much you can get done when you tackle it piece by piece. Judy

Create a Dedicated Workspace

I don’t have the greatest attention span in the world. If you put me in a place with distractions, I’m going to get distracted! What works for me is to create a dedicated workspace, away from anything tempting like the TV, video game consoles etc. and work from there. I try to keep my phone out of arm’s reach and really focus on what I’m doing in that moment. I like to keep this dedicated workspace well lit with a lamp and keep a notebook at hand for any ideas or things I want to discuss with the team. Darren

Take Planned and Timed Breaks

I’m a huge fan of the Pomodoro Technique. It calls for the use of a timer to break down work into intervals of length, separated by short breaks. I find this really helps my focus to stay on track and keeps me productive. It’s really important to schedule in little breaks for yourself. Whether it’s going for a quick walk or checking in with friends and family, it helps to keep you from feeling isolated at home. Rachel

Dress for Success

It’s really important to get into the right mindset to be productive. For me, it’s all about getting into a work routine and dressing as I would if I was heading in for a day at the office. It creates a clear split between work time and relaxation time. I also love having online strategy meetings with the team so I can hear what they’re working on and give my input. It’s good to know you’re part of a team, even if you’re all in different places. Neal

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