The TikTok Algorithm: Everything You Need To Know

The TikTok Algorithm: Everything You Need To Know

Nothing has been a greater mystery than that of the TikTok algorithm, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve been dying to hear the news of how this elusive algorithm works, and yes, we finally have the answer. 

TikTok has finally revealed how their algorithm works and what you can do to get your videos in as many For You pages as possible. Continue reading to find out how to hack the TikTok algorithm. 

How the TikTok Algorithm Works

The TikTok algorithm is designed in such a way to serve users content based on what it believes will be of high interest to them.

According to TikTok: “The system recommends content by ranking videos based on a combination of factors — starting from interests you express as a new user and adjusting for things you indicate you’re not interested in, too.”

What Factors Influence the TikTok Algorithm:

Some of the factors that affect the TikTok algorithm, and what shows up for you include: 

  1. Video Likes, Comments, Shares, Completions, and Re-watches: The more engagements and views a TikTok video receives, the more likely it will be served to larger audiences.
  2. Subject Matter: TikTok is great at categorizing content based on user interests, so subject matter is an important factor when it comes to reaching potential on the app.
  3. Device Settings: The algorithm recognizes a user's device settings such as posting location and language — typically sharing local content.
  4. Audio: When a video includes a trending sound or song, the more likely it’s served to a larger audience.
  5. Hashtags and caption keywords: Including hashtags and keywords in your captions informs the algorithm what your content is about.
  6. User Activity and "Not Interested" Feedback: The TikTok algorithm is always trying to serve high-interest videos to every user, and it uses previous activity to determine this. Likes, comments, shares, and re-watches are all major indicators of interest.

Every single one of these factors is individually weighed by the TikTok algorithm, meaning each For You page is unique to every single user.

How to Hack the TikTok Algorithm

The TikTok algorithm is always adapting, changing, and learning from user behavior.

With the information we know about how the TikTok algorithm works, here are three ways to boost your content:

  1. Hook Your Audience Within Three Seconds
  2. Focus on a Niche
  3. Jump on Trending Audio

TikTok Algorithm Hack #1: Hook Your Audience Within Three Seconds

One of the strongest indicators to the TikTok algorithm is watching a video in full. TikTok will favour videos that cater to users' short attention spans. 

Because of this, it’s vital to hook your audience within the first three seconds. 

With over 1B monthly active users on the app, people want to be entertained immediately or else they’re onto the next.

TikTok Algorithm Hack #2: Focus on a Niche 

Creating consistent content in your niche is one of the main factors that influences the algorithm. 

The more you share videos related to your niche, the more the TikTok algorithm will recognize your expertise and begin to serve your content to the right audience. Think about the content themes that resonate with your target audience best. 

When you create great content that serves a purpose and great value, your audience will come. Experiment using industry-specific hashtags – they’re a great way to signal to the algorithm that you know your stuff. 

TikTok Algorithm Hack #3: Jump on Trending Audio

It goes without saying that trending audio and TikTok get on like a house on fire.

Since the TikTok algorithm tends to favour videos using trending sounds, consider jumping on trends while they’re still hot.

First, scroll through TikTok to see if there are any repeated songs or audio clips. If you think a clip is trending, tap on the music to see how many users have created videos with the sound.

If there are only a handful of videos under the sound, that’s a good thing! It means you’re jumping on the trend early. If you want to use the sound, either create a video right away or save it for later.

Another way to find new and trending sounds on TikTok is through the video editor. Press the plus icon at the bottom of the screen, tap “ Add sound”, and scroll through what’s trending.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, there’s no surefire way to “beat” the TikTok algorithm. 

However, understanding how the TikTok algorithm works and following the hacks we’ve shared in this post can help you fine tune your strategy and gain an advantage.

Being consistent and building a strong presence is the most powerful way to “hack” the algorithm — and it will work wonders for your brand too.

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