The New Instagram Home Feed: Following and Favourites

The New Instagram Home Feed: Following and Favourites

Remember the good old days of Instagram when things were posted in chronological order? Well, good news! Instagram is bringing back the much-requested chronological feed and a shiny new feed experience called Favourites.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram made a statement explaining why they're making the change:

"We want you to be able to shape Instagram into the best possible experience, and giving you ways to quickly see what you’re most interested in is an important step in that direction."

With this update, your Instagram feed will be split into three view options:

  1. Home (main): The current default feed with ranked and personalized content
  2. Following: The chronological feed you know and love
  3. Favourites: A second chronological feed with content from a curated list of accounts

The Following feed is just like the beginning days of Instagram, where posts from people you follow will display in chronological order. 

The Favourites feed will also be in chronological order, but with a bit of twist, allowing up to 50 accounts of your choosing - this could be family, friends, or your favourite creators!

Posts from accounts in Favourites will also show up higher in your Home feed, giving them extra visibility while you're scrolling.

The default Home feed will remain the same as it is now.

According to Mosseri, "It's going to continue to be ranked. It's going to continue to be personalized. We believe in personalization." So, expect more suggested content (like Reels) to pop up.

It’s clear that Instagram is making a concerted effort to give users more control over how they navigate and experience content on the platform. Which has us on the edge of our seats to see what’s next! 

How to View the New Feeds

The additional feeds can be accessed by tapping the Instagram logo in the top left corner of the home page. If you don't have them yet — sit tight they will still be released to you!

What Does This Mean for the Future of Instagram? 

This is a major change for Instagram, and we are happy to see they are considering their user experience (even if it took a long time.) It's no secret that TikTok has become Instagram's largest competitor, being even more popular than Instagram amongst Gen-Z users.

This new update creates more opportunities for Instagram to deliver suggested content through the main feed (similar to TikTok's For You Page), while still having chronological feeds available. It's a win-win scenario for Mosseri and the team and we can see them trying to compete.

The additional Instagram feeds will also force creators and brands to reevaluate their content strategies. While Instagram is still significantly different from TikTok, we anticipate more features rolling out on the 'gram to compete for users' attention.

Stay tuned to our blogs as new information is released!

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