The Most Effective Black Friday/Cyber Monday Promotions to Run

The Most Effective Black Friday/Cyber Monday Promotions to Run

As preparations continue for the massive Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales season, GD Commerce is helping your business prepare with our weekly blog series. This week, we’re looking at some of the most effective Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions your business can run.

Each year, the pressure on retailers to deliver on Black Friday/Cyber Monday only seems to increase. Whether it’s down to higher levels of competition, or greater customer expectations, we’re spending more and more time trying to stand out from the crowd.

Rather than fretting over things that are outside of your control, choose to focus your energies on aspects of your preparation that are in your hands. The types of promotions you run will be the single biggest driver of traffic to your site over the BF/CM holiday. Finding the right balance for these promotions is key.

Here are four types of promotions that prove a massive hit every year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Partner with a Cause

As cynical as it may sound, philanthropy has been identified as one of the most effective ways to market your business. Millennials are more likely to give than other generations. A recent study showed 84 per cent of millennial employees gave to charity, and 70 per cent donated more than an hour of their time to a charitable cause. Younger people want to associate with brands that reflect their values, and extolling your charitable side is a quick route to achieving this goal. Remember, the cause you choose to partner with should be one that aligns with your brand. Consider donating a small amount for every sale over BFCM weekend and don’t be shy about featuring it prominently in your marketing.

Work with an Influencer

Believe it or not, word-of-mouth recommendations have never been more popular. We just know them as influencer marketing nowadays. An influencer is an online personality that uses social media to share their opinions about products or brands with their followers; usually for a fee. Instagram is the number one influencer marketing platform, with over sixty-five per cent of the best performing posts on the app featuring products. Make sure to look at your industry and the use of influencers. Who are the most popular? What kind of content works best? Do your research and identify the right influencers for your brand before reaching out.

Sweeten the Deal with a Gift

When you think of brands like Apple and Nintendo, one of their most notable traits is their stance against discounting their products. They’re all about protecting the value of their brand. How they structure their deals is by offering value adds with a purchase. Last year for example, Apple offered a free pair of Beats headphones with the purchase of a MacBook during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It protects the value of their MacBook line, while also providing an incentive to purchase. Consider adopting this hugely successful approach to offer a value add on products you don’t want to discount.

Take a Day-by-Day Approach to Marketing

It’s essential to keep momentum building throughout the course of the holiday weekend. Successfully holding shoppers’ attention can be achieved by offering exclusive, one-day sales on specific products. This reinforces the need among shoppers to return and check out what deals you’re offering next. A successful example of this approach is Amazon’s lightning deals. Ensure you’re promoting these offers through your usual channels so customers know what’s coming and make a note to return.

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