The Colossal Rise of TikTok

The Colossal Rise of TikTok

We're going to start with the basics here. WHAT IS TikTok? While most people might relate it to some version of Snapchat, it's actually quite different in comparison. 

TikTok is a platform that has users with followers that can leave likes and comments- much like Instagram, while spending hours browsing millions of user-generated short videos....and perhaps choosing to participate in viral challenges while lip syncing, dancing to music and doing short comedic skits, complete with a voiceover. When it comes to social interaction, TikTok is definitely blowing Snapchat (and other platforms) out of the water. 

The wildest part of all of this is how quickly this app climbed to the top. With over 2 billion downloads worldwide (and growing) , TikTok saw a huge surge when we were all hit with the Covid-19 lockdown. Staying at home means spending more time watching TV, playing video games, and, well, watching TikTok. This app successfully filled that overwhelming thirst for video content to pass the time. 

It's inevitable (for the most part). After watching TikTok long enough, you're going to join in on the fun, and that's exactly what we've seen. There has also been a unique family involvement by having parents and siblings participate the best they can despite being totally uncoordinated, yet providing some quality entertainment. Users are also starting to realize that TikTok can actually become a way to earn money thanks to live streaming sessions and influencer marketing sponsorships.

Social media is one of those spaces that never fails to surprise. It is always evolving. Just when you think you have one platform dialed in, another one emerges out of nowhere, and suddenly everything shifts. 

Our advice is to always give it a shot if you're curious about it. Download the TikTok app and navigate around to see if this is something that could be applied to your current social media strategy. While it won't work for everyone, we definitely see the potential, and it's one to keep your eyes on if you're looking to appeal to a broader audience. 

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