Shopify x TikTok

Shopify x TikTok

We have all seen the social powerhouses like Facebook and Instagram carve out a new way to sell online, with consumers being able to make purchases without even having to leave the app. Now, TikTok is joining the party by teaming up with one of the most popular ecommerce platforms around, Shopify.

New Partnership for TikTok

According to TikTok, the platform is an empowering environment for all businesses. It believes that businesses can find a home on the platform as it allows them to sell through two means:

  • Storytelling
  • Creative content

After the rise in popularity of the platform, it didn’t take long for TikTok For Business to follow. Businesses and marketers alike know the importance of being present where the consumers are spending their time. And at the moment, that happens to be TikTok, and many businesses have begun to follow this trend, and see success!

As a result, TikTok is teaming up with Shopify to provide opportunities to over one million businesses on the platform. In a statement, TikTok said that this partnership will help businesses to ‘create and run campaigns’ on this engaging platform. Shopify is an experienced name in the field, and some say the right brand to bring TikTok into the commerce world for the first time.

New Opportunities for Shopify Users

As with most business relationships, there are benefits for both parties. For Shopify, its users can look after their TikTok campaigns from the comfort of the Shopify platform. It’s expected that users will create, manage, and optimize their campaigns all in this one location thanks to the new TikTok channel app. To gain access to this app, Shopify users should go to the Shopify App Store and search for it there.

Rather than running everything from the TikTok For Business Ads Manager, most of the same features are available through this app on Shopify. Therefore, you don’t need several tabs open throughout the day because everything is accessible through Shopify alone.

The Shopify Dashboard

So what can Shopify users expect after downloading and installing the TikTok channel app? There are a few features to note:

Ad Management — If you like running ads on TikTok, you can now create, as well as manage, campaigns from the Shopify dashboard. What’s more, you can also review performance and pay attention to targeting here.

  1. Click Pixel — Tracking conversions is essential, but it can sometimes become a convoluted process. With the 1-Click Pixel, all it takes is one click to connect the TikTok Pixel.

Ad Credit — Just in case the benefits themselves weren’t enough, $300 ad credit is available to all eligible merchants. If you haven’t previously used TikTok for advertising, now could be the time to start testing.

Creative Tools — So far, TikTok has received praise for the nature of the ad platform. We’ve spoken to beginners with no online advertising experience, and they enjoyed the process of creating ads that truly resonate with an audience. Now, these same creative tools are used to turn products into TikToks, and it doesn’t take an advanced degree to get started.

Why Advertise on TikTok?

Before diving into the TikTok realm, you may be wondering about the benefits of advertising on TikTok, so let’s dive into that!

Audience Size

Previously, it seemed that social media advertising revolved around Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, it’s a breath of fresh air to have another option. The more TikTok grows, the more opportunities there are to find the people who really need your products. 

Video Content

Additionally, many businesses enjoy the video nature of TikTok. We know that Instagram is image-based, but TikTok is the only social media platform that really hones into this market. Although YouTube is also video-based, it’s not quite on the same level in terms of interaction and the social aspects.


Over time, developers at TikTok have worked incredibly hard to master the art of delivery algorithms; in other words, delivering the right content to the right people. Why? The ultimate reward is people staying on the platform for longer. There are two benefits of choosing TikTok for marketing purposes:

  1. Most users open the app at least twice per day
  2. Even those with a tiny following can go viral

Localized Marketing

It’s possible to actually generate localized campaigns so that you aren’t displaying ads to people with no access to your business. For physical locations, this is an effective tool and one that competes with localized features on Facebook and Instagram. You can utilize your marketing budget effectively and reduce waste.


Like all social media platforms, TikTok has influencers, but they also have micro-influencers — local influencers with over 10,000 followers. You can work with these influencers as a small business and garner a positive relationship with them and their audience.


With the addition of TikTok, businesses are now spread across more platforms. For many, this means less competition in their niche because not all competitors have made the jump. If you’re already on Shopify, it makes sense to download the TikTok channel app and get started.


If your business is run on Shopify and you are already exploring other social platforms and the marketing they offer, try jumping on TikTok while it’s new! It may seem confusing at first, but once you start using it you will see it is generally a user friendly platform!

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