Shopify Blog Transfer Apps

Shopify Blog Transfer Apps

Have you ever tried to transfer your blogs over to a new website only to be let down by missing images or jumbled-up texts? We know the stress this causes and we want to save you the headache - so we have compiled two of our favourite Shopify blog transfer apps. Read on to find out more!

We've used Matrixify and it works excellently, one feature that makes it really nice is not having to worry about blog images not being transferred. It maps them as well, so you don't need to worry about finding what image went where. In our case, we paid $50 for one month to transfer all the blogs over, then switched back to the free tier. An ongoing paid tier would be good for someone who was running multiple sites for the long term, or a US/Canada version of the same site and wanted the blog content to be copied over automatically on a regular basis.


  • Allows images to be retained. The export/import process is complex enough that we’ll definitely want to minimize batches. 
  • Free - 10 blogs / transfer download
  • $20/mo - 50 blogs/ transfer download
  • $50/mo - 500 blogs / transfer download


  • Does not transfer images, only text. Images would need to be manually transferred. 
  • $9.99/mo - unlimited transfer

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