Retargeting Explained & How it Benefits Your Business

Retargeting Explained & How it Benefits Your Business

Retargeting may sound like you are starting over from scratch—however, retargeting is a marketing practice that saves you from doing just that. It is the strategy of targeting someone who showed some initial interest in your products or services by visiting your website. Rather than trying to attract first-time visitors who may or may not convert, retargeting strives to get repeat visitors who are more likely to convert.

So what exactly are the benefits of retargeting for your business? 

Generate More Sales

This is the most obvious and important benefit of retargeting as a part of your digital marketing strategy. Various companies have different metrics they pay attention to depending on what type of business or industry they are operating, but every organization that intends to stay in business must pay attention to revenue and the number of sales they generate.

Reach Interested Customers

This is the difference between cold calling potential customers and making a call to someone who called you first. Visitors who have already been to your website are potential customers who showed an initial interest in your offering, now you just need to remind them or nudge them a bit to take the next step. Retargeting benefits your business because through it you are reaching interested customers, rather than reaching members of your target audience who are only likely to be interested.

Increase Brand Awareness

Studies continue to show that it may take seven impressions by your brand on a customer to build up enough trust for them to take action. Retargeting can shorten the amount of time it takes for your prospects to build enough brand awareness and make a buying decision. Even if they do not convert right away, you are putting the odds in your favour that your brand will be the first one they remember when they do decide to move forward. Brand awareness is huge for business growth, and retargeting offers benefits in that area.

Keep up with Digital Marketing

Retargeting is not a trend that will lose traction. Like most other digital marketing channels, it continues to evolve as technology advances and becomes more intelligent. Start using retargeting now and you’ll lose no time in reaping the additional benefits it will afford as it advances.

Let’s Get Started 

If you need more reassurance around retargeting, there is a 147% increase in conversion rate with retargeting leads. The effectiveness of retargeting becomes obvious once the benefits are presented. Plus, it does not hurt that retargeting has been around for a while now, so there are plenty of strong numbers to back up these claims. Retargeting will only continue to get more effective, so get started now! 

At Good Commerce, we offer many different digital marketing strategies, with retargeting being one of them! Connect with us today to discuss the ways we can benefit your business! 

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