Playing Off Seasonal Marketing Trends To Get Better Results

Playing Off Seasonal Marketing Trends To Get Better Results

As an advertiser, business owner, or digital marketer — it’s a wise decision to leverage seasonal marketing strategies for increased sales and customers. As we enter the holiday season, there is no better time to explore seasonal trends, and lucky for you we have put together our best practices to play off of seasonal marketing trends without overwhelming your customers. 

Launch Your Campaigns Before the Seasons Hit

A successful campaign typically isn’t built overnight. A lot of time is required for keyword and ad strategy fine-tuning, so it’s best to start early. If you are already thinking about Black Friday or Christmas campaigns the time to start is now!  This early start will help you gain more exposure. It also takes a bit of time for Google to approve the campaign. 

Re-activate Paused Keywords

There’s a high chance you’ll need to pause specific keywords as they weren’t profitable during the off-season. For example, the keyword “Christmas.” However, during the high season, this will likely change. Identify these keywords by changing your date range, then filter for all paused keywords and ad groups. If certain products are still selling, there’s a high chance it will be profitable during high season.

Use Retargeting

Season campaigns that come with retargeting strategies always have enhanced results.

For instance, if your summer campaigns had high conversion rates and you’ve generated your loyal customer list from it, you should target those customers throughout your winter campaigns to see if you get the same positive results.

Advertisement Countdown

The countdown feature in Google Ads is a must-have as it automatically creates a countdown that produces this sense of urgency among potential customers.

Two situations that work best during high season:

Last Chance for On-Time Packages – If you have an e-commerce store, you should have a final day for shipping packages to arrive at customers on-time. Including a countdown such as, “Purchase within two days to get before Christmas” will work wonders.

Sale End Countdown – This is a common use for countdown customizers. If used right before a sale ends, it can lead to a significant conversion and sale increase.

Make Your Landing Page Valuable

Emphasize Time-Sensitive Ads – If your paid ads remind shoppers about your year-end sales, you need to display this sense of urgency on your landing pages as well.

Prominently Display Promotions and Specials – If you’re focused on text ads that communicate certain promotions, make sure they’re visible on your landing pages as well.

Social Media Engagement

Before your seasonal marketing campaign launches, leverage your social media marketing. This includes spending time creating social posts all year-round. This generates interest around your products. Consider these strategies:

- Posting attractive, professional graphics for more likes and customer attention, therefore boosting your chances of appearing in other feeds and increasing visibility.

- Create quality promotional videos

- Engage with your customer base by asking them questions or conducting polls before the season begins.

In Conclusion 

Keeping these points in mind, you’ll be able to generate well-thought-out and effective seasonal marketing strategies. However, keep in mind that during these seasons, your CPC may be increased since many of your competitors will also be targeting similar campaigns. This means the competition will be strong, and you’ll need to pay more to reach top conversions and impressions.

Since users search more about specific seasonal accessories during this time, it also means your budget can drain quickly. However, as long as you maintain a determined and educated approach to your strategy, these mild offsets will hardly be noticed.

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