Our Top 8 Recommended Email Flows

Our Top 8 Recommended Email Flows

In our last blog, we discussed the importance of setting up email flows for your business. If you’ve read that blog, you already know how impactful email marketing can be for businesses, and how cutomized flows can build customer loyalty and retention. 

Knowing that, your next step is to design, build out, and activate email flows. But where to start? Read on to learn our top 8 email flow recommendations. 

Welcome Flow

Welcoming new subscribers is crucial for setting the tone of your brand and guiding them toward their first purchase. This is a great opportunity to share the story of your brand as well as what makes your brand stand apart from the competition. Consider adding a lead magnet to your first welcome email as an incentive to get customers to sign up to your mailing list. 

Abandoned Cart Flow

When a customer abandons their cart, it presents a prime opportunity for re-engagement. By reminding your customer of your brand and products with an abandoned cart email, you’re putting yourself back at the forefront of their memory. We recommend building two emails into this flow. One to remind the customer of their cart contents (in case their abandonment was really a mistake), and a second with a discount code incentive to sweeten the deal and gain that conversion. 

Thank You Flow

After a customer makes a purchase, it's crucial to nurture that relationship with a prompt thank you. However, this flow goes beyond a simple thank-you note, providing valuable information, support, and opportunities for further engagement and community building.

Review Flow

Customer reviews are crucial for building your brand, acquiring social proof, and building trust with future customers. This flow encourages customers to leave reviews with a review link. Many review flows also include an incentive, such as a discount code to use on their next purchase. 

Tip: Timing is key. Set this flow to send at least a few days after your maximum order delivery estimate. That way your product will be fresh on the mind of your customer, but they’ll have had enough time to enjoy it before leaving a review. 

Upsell Flow

Increasing your average order value (AOV) is key to maximizing revenue. The upsell flow can introduce customers to additional products that pair well with their previously purchased items, or introduce them to higher value items or best sellers. 

Customer Winback Flow

The winback flow aims to reignite the interest of customers who may not have purchased from your brand in a while. You can easily create segments of customers who haven’t engaged with your brand over a specific period of time in email platforms like Klaviyo. Having a flow set up to recapture these customers can lead to better sales.

Customer Birthday Flow

Sending personalized birthday messages to your customers not only strengthens your relationship with them but also creates opportunities for additional sales through freebies or discount codes. This flow shows customers that you value them as individuals and appreciate their loyalty. 

Sunset Flow

Maintaining a clean and engaged email list is essential for the success of your email marketing efforts. The sunset flow gives unengaged subscribers a final chance to reconnect before removing them from your list, ensuring that you're communicating with a relevant and active audience.

By implementing these 8 recommended flows, you can create meaningful experiences for your customers at every stage of their journey and unlock the full potential of email marketing for your business.

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