Ongoing Shopify Support Using Zendesk

Ongoing Shopify Web Support Using Zendesk

Everyone knows customer service is important, or at least everyone should know because we are all customers, and customer service is everywhere.

As many businesses have fully transitioned to a work-from-home operating model, the customer experience has become an even more important aspect of every business, be it large or small. Keeping your customers happy and delighted is one key to holistic success, and customer support service plays a crucial role in this. To keep your business growth-focused you need to ensure you have a reliable customer support strategy in place. This sounds like an overwhelming task, but luckily for you (and your employees), there are tools, such as Zendesk to support you with this!

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer support platform offering a variety of features to smoothen customer service for businesses. 

Used by small and large businesses alike, Zendesk can be used by 5 to 500 support agents and is able to manage thousands of tickets per hour. The software effectively helps businesses to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs. It is a one-stop solution offering all needed customer support features for your business.

The help desk ticketing system serves as a centralized hub for all your conversations, resolves issues efficiently by gathering the right information from the customers, gain insights, and allows you to take your customer service system apart from your competitors.

As it is designed for various types of users, you can utilize the Zendesk features no matter what your business is, whether it is for SMBs, retailers, HR teams, enterprises, educations, or IT teams. Let’s look into the different features available: 

Zendesk Support – A platform for handling customer support operations and offers support by email, mobile, social media, and voice with complete data reporting and 90+ integrations.

Zendesk Chat – A platform that offers live chat solution and support businesses to increase sales conversation through engaging leads on their websites.

Zendesk Explore – A platform that offers instant access to customer and business analytics to measure and boost the entire customer service

Zendesk Guide – A knowledge base that supports your customers to tap into your institutional knowledge and bring into play

Zendesk Talk – Call center software offers more personal phone support and enhances enterprise productivity

Zendesk Connect – Customer communication management software manages communications across channels and delivers better customer experiences.


Benefits of Using Zendesk Integration for Your Business

By Integrating Zendesk with your business, you can experience a range of benefits:

Improved Productivity

It is difficult to manage several things at a time while solving your customer issues. There couldn’t be meaningful conversions if you are recording the notes while also calling a customer. If your support team is handling multiple tasks at a time, a decrease in their productivity is sure to follow. When you integrate Zendesk to your customer support operations, things get way easier and quicker.

Proactive Management

With the help of a knowledge base, analytics, and other features offered by Zendesk, your support team can make proactive decisions on the go. This results in proactive management of customer issues. By synchronizing Help Center knowledge base to your business requirements, you can make the most out of your investment.

Improved Customer Engagement

As Zendesk offers flexibility to communicate with customers over various channels, it helps improve customer experience with your business. Due to the availability of voice, chat, and online messaging features, customers can easily connect with your support team from their preferred channel. Overall, this plays a great role in improving customer engagement.

Prompt Responses

As Zendesk offers multitasking tools, the support team can conveniently work on multiple tickets to avoid backlogging. With Zendesk, your support team can better respond to customers and solve their problems promptly.

Customer Retention

Providing the best possible customer service is the ultimate way to win customer loyalty and retain them. Zendesk helps you resolve customer issues in an optimal way by offering you a range of features like analytics, knowledge-base, messaging, etc. Analytics on Zendesk let you quickly access the customer data and thereby make appropriate decisions to improve customer experience and retain them.

Smoother Sales Experience

The knowledge base in Zendesk provides you with the exact information and resource you need at your fingertips to solve customer problems efficiently. Also, Zendesk is committed to letting everyone work together as a team, which allows agents to respond to customer queries even if they seek help from another department.


With so many benefits and an excellent range of features, Zendesk is a necessity among businesses. The platform clearly helps you become more efficient in so many aspects of your business. You can easily integrate Zendesk with other business tools you use for ERP, Accounting Software, reporting, analytics, CRM, social media, and more.

Reach out to us today to learn how we can make Zendesk integrate seamlessly into your business. Good Commerce is Vancouver's leading Shopify agency, check out the services we offer here! 

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