Make Your Website Work For You: Shopify Edits to Improve User Funnels

Make Your Website Work For You: Shopify Edits to Improve User Funnels

In this modern era of high speed internet, users no longer have the patience for slow, difficult to navigate websites. Imagine the last time you had to wait for a website to load or search for the information you wanted, you probably got frustrated and eventually left.This creates a bad first impression and every wasted second is an incentive for your user to head back to the search engine and try your competitor.

A website that loads quickly and is easy to navigate is a must for growing your audience and customer base. Here are some changes that will increase conversions, save you time, and help you better understand your customers. 

Optimize Your Forms

One way to increase the user experience is to edit your forms to show which page it was submitted on, think submitted from "contact page." If you have contact forms on multiple pages this allows you to have a better understanding of your user’s path, and the products or services they may be interested in.

Another way to better the user experience is to edit forms to cut down on spam the spam you receive. Nothing is worse than wasting your valuable time weeding through spam form submissions to find legitimate leads. A simple solution for this is by enabling ReCaptcha on forms to add a layer of bot protection. Another solution for added protection if you don’t want to burden users with a ReCaptcha, contact us to add a hidden field to your forms that will prevent bots from submitting to the form. This is also a great option if you have an older audience, or an audience that struggles with completing ReCaptcha puzzles. 

Optimizing form structure to improve conversions can be done by reducing the number of form items needed. When it comes to form fields, more is not always better. Optimizing your form to streamline the submission process can increase your conversion rate by reducing the amount of effort and thought that a user must put into contacting you.

Your optimal form structure will depend on your needs and audience.  Think about what information you really need at the beginning of your user journey. Here are some examples:

  • If your goal is to increase conversions, simplifying your form could reduce barriers and increase conversion rate.
  • If you’re happy with your conversion rate, you may consider restructuring the form to improve readability. You may even add a field if increased information will significantly streamline your process later in the funnel, such as adding a location input to assist your sales team’s localization efforts. 

Increase site speed

A significant factor in user experience is as simple as increasing page load speeds. This can be done by identifying the problem, whether it’s a specific page, image or app code. Your site speed can be found within Shopify.

Be sure to be looking broadly to implement best practices across your website, and diving into your analytics to address specific problem areas. Site speed is also an important consideration for SEO (search engine optimization). Google is now prioritizing site speed even more heavily in their evaluation of website quality. A fast website will give you an edge at every step of the customer journey, from discovery to conversion. 

Streamlining the User Journey

When looking at your website, consider how the user experiences the site, consider asking a friend or employee for feedback as well. Streamlining the user’s path to conversion can be done by optimizing navigation, CTA (call to action) messages and placement of CTA's. User testing and heatmaps are great tools to understand how your customers use your website and what they’re clicking on. Want to increase conversions, but not sure where to start? Follow the data. Understanding your users’ behaviour is a great investment for future improvements.

Let Us Take Digital Off Your Plate

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