Introducing the New Good Commerce Agency Brand

Introducing the New Good Commerce Agency Brand

Over the past six years, Good Commerce has undergone a remarkable transformation. We’ve evolved and grown beyond our previous identity, becoming a digital marketing agency that’s truly design-forward and focused on strategic excellence.

We’ve surpassed our own expectations and worked on projects that pushed us to grow creatively, strategically, and closer together as a team. Our rebrand is a reflection of our distilled ethos, new processes, and evolution.

While we underwent a rebrand two years ago, so much has changed in that time that the timing of a new look for our company felt right. We’re proud to introduce the brand identity that reflects Good Commerce today. 

Here are the reasons why we decided to make this change:

Design-forward thinking

Over the past two years, we’ve evolved and shifted our focus to be more design-forward. We believe in the power of exceptional design to elevate digital marketing and make a lasting impact.

Our projects over the last two years have pushed our creative abilities to new heights, particularly when it comes to design. Our work with b, halfmoon transformed their online presence with a sleek, fully custom e-commerce platform built on Shopify reflecting their new brand identity with interactive elements that foster moments of calm. The design and development of this project was a journey we’re immensely proud to have been part of. 

Reflecting our quality

Many elements in our previous brand didn’t capture the full scope of our current work and the quality we deliver. It was time to give Good Commerce a facelift that mirrors the exceptional work we produce. 

Our new brand design has been meticulously planned, involving rounds of feedback and continuous refinement over the last 4 months to deliver a product we’re proud to call our own. It’s simply reflective of the exceptional work we’ve been able to produce for our clients this year and will continue to produce in the future.

Client success

The toggle symbol that features prominently in our new logo represents our role in kick-starting our clients’ success. Our clients have had some big wins this year as a result of our marketing efforts, from Google Ads, to web builds, to email marketing and beyond. We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve done and of our clients’ wins in the past year. 

Looking forward

Our brand is strategically aligned with our goals for the upcoming year. We’re ready to take on new challenges, reach higher milestones, and continue delivering outstanding results for our clients. 

Thank you for your continued support and trust in us. We’re more determined than ever to help our clients succeed in the digital landscape.

Stay tuned for exciting updates and more fantastic work coming your way. In the meantime, take a look around our brand new website!

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