In Review: Demio’s Webinar Platform

In Review: Demio’s Webinar Platform

We recently launched a webinar on how to convert Instagram followers into paying customers. In advance of our launch, we considered a few options for the right webinar tool. We’re a busy team so we wanted something that would be easy to use and customize. We also wanted to see how our webinars performed so we could make data-driven decisions in the future. Our research led us to select Demio, a webinar platform designed with customer education in mind. 

How Does It Work? 

Demio offers a free two-week trial to get started. Once you log in, the interface is clean and straightforward - simply select the type of webinar you wish to run out of the options provided. We chose “Live” to create a single scheduled session. From there, easily set the date and time for your webinar. Then, customize the registration page, email notifications, and event admins. You can also prepare the room in advance by uploading slides or creating polls ahead of time - this was huge for us during the test phase. If you already have it, integrate your email marketing solution with Demio for a more seamless experience. 

Why We Chose Demio 

There are a few considerations that led GD Commerce to actually choose Demio. We loved that the platform is already built with customers in mind; its chat and poll features were easy to use and encouraged viewer participation. 

We’re a digital marketing agency so we wanted a platform we could easily brand and share. Demio made it easy to apply our brand and logo across our materials. It was also easy to upload our custom slides for the presentation, which we built in Keynote. Plus, we had the ability to set multiple presenters so our speaker could focus on the task at hand while another team member handled the slides. 

Being a digital marketing agency means that we love analytics. Demio’s built-in analytics helped us assess webinar performance and make data-driven decisions. We ran two versions of the same webinar and were able to easily compare registrants vs. attendees, missed sign-ups for retargeting, and average focus time (among other useful data) across versions. We also ran two different polls about level of Instagram experience and the obstacles our viewers faced when using the app. We were pleased to see that Demio kept a record of these answers, which we could easily compare and use for future marketing campaigns. 👍🏽

We can’t overstate the power of analytics here. Demio’s built-in tools gave a clear picture of which webinar performed better. We could then understand which promotional campaigns had a greater effect and the behaviours we could adopt to lead to greater performance overall. 

Finally, Demio’s on-demand replay was a big sell for us. We wanted these webinars to provide real value to viewers, even if they weren’t able to attend during the actual event. We were able to record our webinars and choose the best one for instant replay access. Now, viewers can watch and learn whenever is most convenient for them. Another win! 

What Do YOU Think? 

If you attended our webinar, we’d love to hear your feedback. You can also click here to access the on-demand replay. If you liked viewing Demio as much as we liked using it, let us know! Plus, if you’re curious about using Demio yourself, feel free to sign up at this link

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