How to Help Employees Achieve their Goals

How to Help Employees Achieve their Goals

Now that 2020 has arrived, it’s time to start acting on those New Year’s Resolutions. Last week, we spoke about how project management can help with goal setting. This week, we’re going to examine ways you can help your team to achieve their professional development goals.

Staff retention is a hot topic as we enter the new decade. With hiring and training new staff a time consuming, expensive and sometimes difficult process, it pays to hang on to key members of your team. An underrated way to achieve this goal is to help them fulfill their professional development goals.

Millennials are oft-criticized for many things, but one of their more admirable traits is viewing their job as more than just a paycheck. This generation understands expanding their skillset is the way to advance in the working world, and they are likely to remain in their current role if this career development is being furthered. As the leader of a small business, the onus is on you to help with this development. Here’s some tips for expanding your managerial skillset and helping your team advance their careers.

Hold Regular Check-ins

It doesn’t cost anything to have an open-door policy and conduct regular check-ins with your team. Take an interest in their progress and gauge how fulfilled they are with their current position. Perhaps there’s a skill they’d like to learn this year? What are their interests outside of work? These conversations show you care and help to nip any problems in the bud before they can develop. Along the way, you’ll identify opportunities for growth that align with the objectives of your business.

Assign a Budget for Education

An increasing number of businesses are allotting a budget for staff education. Not only will this equip your team with a broader skillset, it also helps staff to progress in their own personal development. There are countless online and in-person courses available covering every topic. Most also come reasonably priced. Find yourself hiring a graphics expert for your business? Why not equip a member of your team with the training to carry out the role? If your area of expertise is digital marketing, Google offers a robust slate of free courses anyone can avail of online in an afternoon.

Delegate Responsibilities

Struggle to let go of tasks within your business? You aren’t the first person and you won’t be the last. While this trait is admirable in entrepreneurs, it can also stunt the development of team members. Learn to delegate certain tasks and adopt a more hands-off role. Not only will it free you up to tackle more “big picture” tasks, it also empowers team members to develop and become more well rounded.

Encourage a “Side Hustle”

The concept of a side hustle has exploded in popularity in recent years. It’s often a passion project or fun job on the side people take on while also working full-time. Working a side hustle teaches valuable skills and is being encouraged by a growing number of employers. If any team members have a side hustle, provide any support you can to help them grow. The leadership role they adopt in this position will have plenty of benefits when working on their day job.

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