How to Grow Your Business Using CRM Software

How to Grow Your Business Using CRM Software

In our next series of articles, we’re going to take a deep dive on the benefits of business automation. For starters, we’ll examine the role of CRM software in a growing and resilient business.

Since the dawn of the internet businesses have grappled with one common issue: how to keep an accurate record of their client interactions? In 2019, thanks to online, email, phone calls, social media and in-person meetings, that problem has only become exacerbated. Clearly, it’s a problem that needs a solution. The good news is, we’ve got a ready-made solution in mind.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software plays a starring role in addressing this issue. It was created to assist with managing customer data in an efficient and organized manner. Whether one person, or multiple teams, are interacting with customers, the CRM effortlessly aggregates all the interactions, so all members of your team can step in and work on the file fully informed.

These are just some of the benefits your business will enjoy from using CRM software:

Better Organization

There are so many organizational benefits to adopting CRM software. For starters, a CRM will hold ALL your client data in one centralized system that’s accessible for all your team members. This shields you from dips in service due to team members leaving, absences through sickness, or moving team members to different parts of the business.

Better Communications

We’ve all endured frustrating customer service experiences where we connect to a different representative and they’re unsure of what’s going on with our file. A CRM system instantly fixes this problem, ensuring all members of your team are equally informed about the status of each client. Team member absent from work? A CRM ensures any other representative can seamlessly pick up the slack and offer the world class customer service your clients deserve.

Improved Context

Every time a client interacts with your business it provides one more piece of the puzzle of how to serve them better. The CRM will list their purchase history, product preferences and any unique requests they might make. It lets your team members leave notes on customer files, set reminders to follow up, or provide any additional info your team need to know. Simply put, it will raise your customer service efforts to a whole new level. This will have the accessory effect of improving your client retention and boosting positive sentiment surrounding your operation.

Increased Automation

Every sale your organization makes tends to bring with it a lot of little tasks. There’s paperwork to account for, reporting to tend to, and orders to be shipped. All these tasks can be automated using CRM software. The only barrier to entry is an initial, one-time configuration, leaving you and your team free to track down leads and focus on providing stellar customer service to your existing client base.

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