How somedays’ Conversion Rate Increased by 79% in One Week

How somedays’ Conversion Rate Increased by 79% in One Week

It’s safe to say that somedays, our feel-good period pain relief client, is feeling mighty good after seeing a noteworthy 79% uptake in their customer conversion rate – one week after their new website launched.

About somedays

Founded out of necessity two short years ago, somedays launched with a bold mission, to de-normalize period pain while providing pleasurable (yup, you read that right) and effective period relief.

They’ve designed an array of products rooted in trauma-informed care and backed by science, that empower people to transform their relationship with period pain. Products like plant-based topical relief, hand-made heat therapy, and relaxing bath blends.

Our Meet-Cute

When we first met the inspiring team at somedays, Good Commerce was providing web development support for their previous Shopify theme.

At the time, they were seeking changes to their page functionality, such as the addition of fields that would allow customers to personalize their heating pad covers when ordering (super cool, right?).

But as the project progressed, our client began to share greater concerns.

Despite being a multi-billion dollar market, the period care industry lacked meaningful education for period-havers about the science of well, periods.

They found that many people weren’t only lacking awareness of the non-medicinal solutions available to them for alleviating period pain, but a general understanding of what was and wasn’t normal to be happening within their bodies.

At Good Commerce, we know that poor consumer education will prevent audiences from making purchasing decisions, especially if access to the information isn’t quick and easy.

This gap in the industry was preventing our client from progressing their users through the sales funnel and impacting their conversion rates, and we were on a mission to close it.

Thus, the true somedays + Good Commerce partnership was born.

How We Optimized for Conversions

Our experts at Good Commerce performed an audit of somedays’ existing website, identifying several areas of opportunities to align branding, enhance page speed and performance, and incorporate educational resources.

The team then set out to create a new, easy-to-use, on-brand eCommerce website.

We emphasized educational language and conversion-focused product pages that highlighted the how, when, and why to use somedays' holistic and inclusive period care.

Our team devised an effective SEO (search engine optimization) strategy that would allow our client to compete on a level playing field within their industry.

We also focused on generating brand awareness that aligned with the success they were already seeing on their social media pages.

And not to brag but their new website is pretty drool-worthy, so we recommend checking it out at 

A True Conversion Rate Optimization Love Story

One short week after launching the new site, somedays saw an oh-so-satisfying 79% increase in conversion rates. And as if that wasn’t enough, their average order value also rose by an impressive 14%.

In creating a conversion-focused website, somedays' users now receive a wealth of information that's easy to navigate, which helps to build purchasing confidence.

We're excited for all that is to come for somedays, and the growth they will continue to see as we prioritize testing and optimizing their website.

Do You Want to See Results This Good?

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With the help of our marketing experts at Good Commerce, you can also see good results – it’s possible (we pinky promise).

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