How Often to Send Email Marketing

Before you go any further, take a moment and watch this video on misconceptions on email marketing:

So you've begun sending email marketing campaigns out to your subscribers, but you're wondering the magic question - how much is too much? 

Well it's different for everyone! 

Consider what you're sending

For many small businesses, I recommend starting by sending out a campaign every one or two weeks. You can always add some or take some away from here but it's a great place to start. Of course this frequency is in addition to the flows you already going on. To break that down further, flows are the notifications and ongoing campaigns that you have constantly sending. So if you have a welcome flow and a purchase notification flow, those don't count toward your campaigns. Yes, this means that a new customer who comes to your website, trades their email for a discount and purchases right away will get a lot of emails from you all at once. That's something to keep in mind when setting up your flows! 

Look at the data!

Your email marketing analytics can tell you a lot. Take a close look at how your subscribers respond to your emails. The obvious thing to watch out for is an exodus from your email list - subscribers unsubscribing en mass. If you see this happening, it could be reflective of your flow + campaigns or just your campaigns. I would suggest an audit of your email marketing strategy. You can do this yourself or hire someone to do it for you. 

From there, you want to look at some other analytics as well. Look at engagement. How many subscribers are clicking through on your links, are subscribers making purchases as a result of the emails? 

Finally, check out the 2015 National Client Email Report - or take a look at comparable data that your email marketing provider showcases. 

What are your favourite brands doing?

One thing I love to do is keep a close eye on my favourite brands. They don't even have to be brands in your realm. Some of my favourite brands to watch for marketing trends right now are Tarte and Glossier. They're both killing it right now and I love to take note of what they're doing and have that influence GD Commerce marketing as well as the marketing for our clients.

Sign up for your favourite brand's email marketing campaigns and see what they're doing that's making you want to buy. It should be noted that you have to line up your demographic with the brand's demographic - make sure you're targeting the same people!

Are there any other things you do to ensure you're sending out the right number of email marketing campaigns? If I missed anything, comment below!

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