How Limespot Can Help you Increase Your Conversions

How Limespot Can Help you Increase Your Conversions

Long before the invention of the internet, and online shopping, customers have always valued personalized experiences - the store owner who knows your name or the barista who knows just how you like your coffee. When online shopping was introduced, this was one of the main concerns. How can we offer the same level of personalization in an ecommerce store?

Thankfully, the quick evolution of the ecommerce space has led to the discovery of innovative ways to personalize customer experiences. These days, customers or prospects at every stage of the customer journey expect brands to make them feel special. If you're operating in the ecommerce space and you cannot guarantee personalization, there's a high chance you'll struggle to keep up with your competitors.

Why You Should Personalize the Customer Journey

Personalization is one of the easiest ways to influence customer behavior and increase sales. In case you aren’t convinced we’ve rounded up some stats for you: 

  • 40% of Canadian consumers claim that personalized customer experiences have made them spend beyond their budget while shopping. 
  • 8 out of 10 consumers confessed that personalization influenced their purchase decisions. 
  • A positive shopping experience impacts brand loyalty as much as prices for 89% of consumers

How LimeSpot Makes it Easy to Personalize the Customer Journey

LimeSpot is an advanced Customer Data Platform that delivers your customers’ personalized experiences when they interact with your brand. The platform is full of numerous features such as: automation capabilities, and integrations that guarantee a significant boost in your sales while ensuring you do less work.

Here are 3 major ways that LimeSpot can help deliver personalized customer experiences:

Email Segmentation

LimeSpot delivers personalized advertising experiences to every customer. The platform gathers pre-and post-campaign launch data to inform your marketing decisions and guide your campaign modification strategies. LimeSpot can:

  • Send personalized email campaign and newsletters to each customer
  • Send 1:1 content to drive customers back to your site
  • Seamlessly integrate with all major email service providers like Omnisend, MailChimp, Klaviyo, HubSpot, and more

Website Personalization

LimeSpot delivers real-time personalization at scale across web and mobile browsers. It can:

  • Show customers the right products at the right time
  • Personalize every step of the customer's browsing experience, from the homepage to post-purchase recommendations
  • Match each recommendation type to suit each customer's needs
  • LimeSpot offers personalization based on customer browsing and buying behavior, allowing you to tweak any HTML on your website, including imagery, copy, CTAs, pop-ups, navigation, and more. Each customer is unique so their experience visiting your website will be tailored to their specific behaviors.

Google Shopping Ads Personalization

LimeSpot directly integrates with Google Shopping to improve the conversion rates of your Google Ads. The software's AI can:

  • Automate catalog updates and ensure out-of-stock and newly added products are updated in real-time, thereby optimizing the customer experience
  • Improve info passed to Google through data enrichment and significantly increasing your reach and performance


It wasn’t too long ago that personalization was an afterthought, today, it’s more of a necessity. Personalization allows for a great customer experience, every time. When you have an effective strategy for delivering personalized experiences across all points of the customer journey, you're guaranteed greater customer satisfaction, long-term loyalty, and consequently, increased revenue.

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