Good Commerce Named by Clutch as One of the Game Changers in the Social Media Marketing Industry in Canada

Good Commerce Named by Clutch as One of the Game Changers in the Social Media Marketing Industry in Canada

Let’s face it, social media platforms have truly changed the way we live our day-to-day lives. They have been integral parts of our daily routines! From connecting us with our friends and loved ones to providing more avenues for our business to grow, their potential is virtually limitless!

More and more companies have been utilizing these platforms to improve their business. Our team at Good Commerce has been helping our clients to do just that. Founded in 2017, our company has been providing services that help companies scale their business by offering web development and online marketing services. Our passion for the industry has helped us secure multiple awards in the past, and today, we are looking to add another one under our belt.

Clutch has recently named us as a game-changer in the social media marketing industry in Canada. According to them, our team’s amazing service has influenced and shaped the local industry to what it is today. It is such a huge honor to be recognized as one of the best in Canada. This is such an amazing award and we are truly thankful for everyone that made this possible.

To receive this award, here is our Founder and CEO, Gabby:

“Knowing that I run one of few female-founded Shopify agencies, I'm happy to have established a presence as a leading agency here in Vancouver and offer our clients an unparalleled customer experience that helps them achieve and surpass their business goals.   

In the past week, we've heard from two of our clients that our efforts led directly to them landing massive contracts that they had been trying to engage on their own but our marketing efforts were what led to them sealing the deals.  It's great to know that our work has a real impact on these businesses.”


Furthermore, our company wouldn’t be in this position without our amazing clients. Here are is one of our favorite reviews on our Clutch profile:

“They’re developing our brand and communicating online on our behalf, and they’re very good at it. If I was to point out a single thing, it’d be that they gear our marketing based on our feedback and goals. They give us real advice and action plans for those.” Ranko Vukovic, CEO of Blackbird Security Inc.

We’re available to connect via email, video call, or over the phone to learn more about your goals and objectives. If you have any questions, or you’d like to discuss how we could help your business, we’d love to hear from you!
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