Go Green and Boost Your Sales This Black Friday

Go Green and Boost Your Sales This Black Friday

We’re a few short weeks from Black Friday and there’s still some time to fine tune the small details and boost your bottom line. That’s why we’re going to look at how you can run a more sustainable sales period while also boosting your sales over the weekend.

Sustainability in business isn’t just a hot topic, it’s fast becoming essential to running a successful business. In fact, almost half of US shoppers say they will change their consumption habits to benefit the environment. Closer to home, sustainable businesses like Vancouver’s NADA Grocery have brought the fight to local retail, mobilizing an army of conscientious shoppers who like to spend their money at stores reflective of their values.

Heading into the busy end of year sales period sustainability might not be your top priority. However, it has the potential to boost your bottom line while also giving Mother Nature a helping hand.

Why Make an Effort Now?

Because consumers have demonstrably shown it’s what they want. Climate change, excess waste and ethical business practices are hot topics in the news right now. Whether people realize it or not, it’s informing how they spend their money. While it’s going to be difficult to overhaul your entire business before Black Friday, here are some quick and simple steps you can take to ensure your sales period is successful, sustainable and ethically driven.

Switch to Sustainable Packaging

It’s time to swap those plastic bags out for paper alternatives! Going truly “zero waste” is going to prove impossible for an ecommerce website. After all, you have to package goods for mailing to customers. Eco-friendly packaging instantly highlights your sustainable bona fides and it offers a great marketing opportunity. Display your business logo on the bags if possible, alongside collateral highlighting that the packaging is sustainable. To give a real world example of how damaging wasteful packaging can be, one needs only to look at Canada’s recent roll-out of legal Cannabis and the waste it has created.

Offset Your Impact

Did you know: British Columbia’s Harbour Air are officially carbon neutral, and have been since 2007? How can an airline be carbon neutral? They utilize a process known as offsetting. Offsetting involves assessing how much carbon footprint your business has, before supporting projects that create measurable benefits to the planet, equal or greater than your carbon footprint. It’s super easy to measure how much carbon footprint your business has. There are plenty of useful calculators you can avail of online before partnering with a local offsetting business to select the projects you’d like to support. If you decide to offset, it can give your marketing a real boost. Make sure to promote it!

Steer Clear of “Greenwashing”

As marketers, we’ve all told some tall tales in the past. When it comes to sustainability, it pays to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Don’t fall into the trap of greenwashing your brand. Greenwashing is when a business makes a false claim about how sustainable their business model or products are. They talk the talk while neglecting to also walk the walk. Customers can sniff these lies out with the smallest piece of research. If your business is caught in a lie like this, the negative publicity can be massive. Provide evidence to back up your claims and customers will trust your brand and spend more money with you.

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