Cubical to CEO Podcast Notes

Cubical to CEO Podcast Notes

Hey friends, 

Gabby here.

Earlier this week I was on the Cubical to CEO podcast with my friend Ellen Yin talking about automation through Shopify, you can listen to it here.

I wanted to provide a bit of context to further describe how you can implement automation in your business. 


1) Make sure all automatic notifications that get sent out through Shopify are customized to ensure they appear to be coming from your business.
2) Set up an automation flow: explain your businesses why, what and how.
Software required: Drip or another CRM.
3) Discover new flows, re-engage past customers to purchase more products.
4) Identify other aspects of your business that can benefit from automation, like invoices, payroll, and more!


We know building a site can take more than the two weeks Shopify allocates to you as a development period. Send us an email to with your name, email, business name and domain to get an unlimited development period while you work on your Shopify site.

Have any questions? Find us at @gdcommerce on social and let us know what you're working on.

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