Client Spotlight: Sarah Goodman - Chiwis

Client Spotlight: Sarah Goodman - Chiwis

Hey Good Commerce readers! Today we wanted to share something a little different, we’re all about celebrating our clients around here and today we want to introduce you to Sarah Goodman – nutritionist and the founder & CEO of Chiwis. Sarah is a pretty rad human, her story inspires us and perhaps it will inspire you as well! Read on to learn more about Sarah.

The Beginning (Before Chiwis)

Let’s start at the beginning of Sarah’s entrepreneurial journey. Sarah and her Father Jess Goodman are the Co-founders iHeart? iHeart was initially developed to fulfill a promise our President, Dr. Jess Goodman made to his Tai Chi teacher, a Taoist monk. While he was terminally ill, the monk asked Dr. Goodman to do him a favour - to show people the health benefits associated with stretching the part of their bodies in-between the heart and the kidneys.

In order to fulfill his promise, Dr. Goodman began his research, to find that stiffness of the Aorta predicted risk of death from many proven causes. Factors such as stress, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet lead to stiffness of the Aorta and that the Aorta acts as a measure of stiffness along the spinal axis and as a measure of core mobility. The relationship between Aortic Stiffness and the risk of death from these causes, demonstrated the truth in Dr. Goodman’s Tai Chi teachers intent.

Sarah has worked on iHeart Development since generation 1 prototype. Her experience in marketing and public relations as well as her designations as both a registered holistic nutritionist (RHN) and certified personal trainer (CPT) provide her with the knowledge and skills to be an effective leader and communications professional for the VitalSines team.

To learn more about iHeart visit their website here, and watch the Dragons Den episode featuring Sarah and Dr. Jess Goodman here

Finding her Passion:

With her background in nutrition and health, Sarah was always passionate about going on her own and revolutionizing the health food industry. As a lover of snacks Sarah was always trying out different ways to make healthy snacks taste awesome; her personal favourite was using her dehydrator. A few years ago, as she was testing recipes, she thought it would be cool to experiment with a fruit she loved - KIWIS!

She really wanted to make chips out of the kiwis and was so delighted when they came out tasting just like sour patch kids. The perfect healthy snack for her never-ending sweet tooth.

With her love of the outdoors and adventuring, Sarah started making kiwi chips to go hiking, camping, backcountry touring, to work, basically anywhere. Any time a friend or family member tried them she got the same response that they absolutely loved them and would buy them in stores if available. As a serial entrepreneur, she knew she wanted to try to make a business out of these amazing healthy snacks.

My original intention, as an adventurer with a sweet tooth, was to have a healthy snack with a flexible personality. It had to be:


As a nutritionist and healthy food advocate, sharing healthy food that tastes great is a top priority. Sarah recognized that our grocery store shelves are stocked with foods that claim to be “healthy” but are full of added sugars, oils, and preservatives.

Chiwis is Born:

Sarah launched Chiwis in early 2021 with two kiwi chip varieties, and now Chiwis has a full line up of 100% natural fruit chips using up-cycled fruits and as much of the fruit as they can, including the skin, and even the core in the Pina chips!


We’re a big fan of Sarah’s and we’re so passionate about what she’s doing, and always have Chiwis on rotation. To learn more about Sarah and her adventures starting Chiwis visit her website here.

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