Project Management Apps

Boost Your Project Management with These Apps

In our most recent blog, we explained how to boost the efficiency of your business by taking a more organized approach to your projects. This time out, we’re focusing on the websites and software created specifically to achieve this aim.

Project Management Apps

Project Managers are the firefighters of the business world. They pull disparate strands and teams together to create awesome projects; usually on time and on budget. To help achieve this goal, they lean on a suite of project management applications and websites that are invaluable to users. Below, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite project management apps to help you achieve your business goals.


Have several teams or staff members attending to parts of a project? Basecamp allows the project manager to easily assign milestones and other necessary details that can be viewed by all team members. Basecamp excels at centralizing a team around your desired goal with each project viewable as a timeline of activity or deliverables. A free, one-month trial of the software is available with cost reverting to $99 per month after that. For this cost, users can add unlimited members of their team, work on unlimited projects and receive 500gb of file storage.


Trello takes what Basecamp does and iterates on it by allowing the project manager to organize projects into boards. Think of it as a digital version of a whiteboard covered in sticky notes. Each of these digital notes can hold photos, attachments and even space to leave comments. Users can easily see, in one glance, what’s being worked on, who is working on it, and what needs attending to. There are multiple tiers of Trello accounts, with free options available for businesses operating on a tight budget. The same core functionality is available to free and premium users, with those who pay enjoying larger file capacity and other extras.


Like the two apps above, Asana conveniently organizes project in one place. But what’s the hook? Asana embeds emails directly within the project management software, letting users have a single reference point instead of multiple streams. Asana also features a handy calendar feature, so members of your team can assign tasks in advance of meetings. This calendar can also be used as a content calendar, enabling your team to collaborate and organize your content marketing efforts.

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