Are Facebook Ads still relevant in 2023?

Are Facebook Ads still relevant in 2023?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Facebook advertising is still essential for businesses. Marketing your ads on Facebook gives your brand the opportunity to put its best ad content in front of 2.95 billion people. 

Facebook is still the king of social media, followed by Youtube with 2.5 billion users, WhatsApp with 2 billion monthly active users, and Instagram with 2 billion monthly users. 

If you were to choose a single platform to focus your advertising efforts on, Facebook is a very good bet. 

What are Facebook ads?

Facebook allows businesses to run ads (in the form of image, video, and carousel posts) that appear in the Facebook feed and Messenger app. 

These ads are paid for by the business, and campaigns can be budgeted a variety of ways, including:

  • Overall spend
  • Daily spend
  • Cost per views or clicks. 

Facebook ads will appear to users who may not follow your business’s page, allowing you to reach a wider range of people. But who sees ads, and how does Facebook determine which users to show your ads to?


The biggest benefit of Facebook ads, aside from the massive user base living on the platform, is Facebook’s detailed targeting capabilities. 

By using data collected from its users, Facebook is able to put ads in front of people who are more likely on average to care about a business’s product or service based on age, location, career, and a host of other categories. 

For instance, an in-person naturopath clinic in Vancouver wouldn’t want ads shown in Toronto. That business would want ads displayed to people living locally to optimize the chance of potential customers seeing the ad and converting. 

As a business owner, you know your audience best. Facebook allows you to have a tremendous amount of control over who sees your ads by letting you choose your targeted categories.

Keys to success with Facebook ads

It’s not all about targeting! Just throwing an ad up on Facebook isn’t enough. You need to make sure you’re putting out excellent ad content in order to get users' attention and give them a reason to convert.

In 2023, the best Facebook ads are ads that blend seamlessly into the rest of the posts on the feed. Polished advertisements are no longer performing as well as informal, authentic-feeling TikTok style posts. 

The caption of your ad shouldn’t be overlooked either. The most successful ads on Facebook have an eye-catching title with a built-in hook that pushes viewers to want to learn more. The body text of your ad should be engaging, relevant, and shed light on the product or service offered in the ad. 

You’ll also need a call to action that directs viewers on the next step they should take after viewing your ad, whether that’s “Book now”, “Register now”, “Shop”, or simply “Learn more”. 

To wrap this up, Facebook’s ability to target users with precision keeps it a cut above the rest of the competition in 2023. The key to success with Facebook ads right now is to create authentic ads that look like regular posts on the feed. 


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