7 Green Tips for Business Sustainability

7 Green Tips for Business Sustainability

In the third of our series on sustainability and eco-friendly business practices, we’re taking a look at 7 green tips for business sustainability.

Searching for ways to make your business more environmentally friendly? The good news is, this can be a profitable move for your bottom line as well as Mother Nature. From buying used furniture, to recycling ink cartridges and taking your composting to the next level, find out the 7 small steps you can take to “green” your business.

Limit In-Person Meetings

Do you really need to get your team together in-person for that meeting? Handling all meetings electronically, via conference call, software like Zoom or Skype, or just over plain old email will save you money on travel costs, reduce your carbon footprint and make you more time efficient.

Print Less Business Cards

I know that box of 1,000 business cards might be the best value but are you really going to use them all? By printing less cards you’ll not only save money, you’ll cut down on the waste involved in using all that paper. Unfortunately, business cards are still a must-have for business, but it’s absolutely an area you can trim back on.

Buy Used Office Furniture

Have you seen the cost of office furniture these days? It’s exorbitant! Luckily, second-hand office furniture is in plentiful supply through sites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. It’s good for the environment, it cuts down on waste and keeps money in your pocket – What’s not to love?

Will the Last Person to Leave Turn Off the Lights?

Take a stroll around any office district at night and it’s often a sea of illuminated but empty workplaces. What’s the point in all those lights being on? While electricity isn’t the biggest cost out there, it’s still going to make a massive cumulative saving over time to ensure those lights are off at night.

Limit Air Conditioning When Possible

While we all love air conditioning it’s a resource hog that costs a fortune to run. Consider alternatives such as opening the windows during the day in summer. If the air conditioning is non-negotiable during the workday, ensure it’s not left on overnight or at weekends.

Use Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer

If, like every other office in Canada, you’re powered by coffee it’s an amazing opportunity to help the environment. Coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer. Take turns to take the coffee grounds from your office coffee maker home and fertilize your garden or add to the compost heap.

Don’t Throw Away Used Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges cost a fortune. Cutting down on printing, when possible, can help get that cost under control. What about the cartridges you’ve already purchased? Most suppliers and manufacturers of ink cartridges have a recycle program, many with a rebate or incentive against your next purchase.

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