5 Reasons Why Co-working Is Awesome


Is your office currently your living room or kitchen? Maybe it’s your bed, or the local coffee shop? While some of those places can be nice, perhaps you should consider giving yourself the chance to work at a coworking space.

First: what is a coworking space? Basically it’s a place you can go to sit and work alongside like-minded people in a structured atmosphere. When at a coffee shop, lots of conversations are not work focused (and rightly so!), and can create unwanted distraction. At home, it’s so easy to slack off with nobody watching. This is where coworking spaces come in.

What exactly are the benefits?


An office environment can create a mindset of success through task completion, something which is very handy to an entrepreneur. According to Office Vibe, a coworking space made 64% of entrepreneurs more focused. You owe yourself the opportunity to have more efficient and productive work days!


Of course, running into other entrepreneurs CAN happen if you’re out at a coffee shop, but it is more likely that you would drum up conversation at a coworking space than interrupt someone with their caffeine outing. Networking is crucial to advancing and improving your business, and at coworking spaces, lots of like-minded people are already making connections to expand.


That same Office Vibe study reported that 90% of people said they felt more confident when coworking! As an entrepreneur knows, fear is such a barrier to productivity and achievement when it comes to business. Imagine feeling more confident, and how much further you might go.


Working from home can be distracting, with your bed in the next room, TV available, and distractions from family members/roommates. In an office environment, you will be more easily able to ‘buckle down’. Then, when you go home, your home may feel much more relaxed.


When you see other coworkers struggling with accomplishing a project, and they see you do the same, it can create a sense of community. Maybe it’s just a knowing look while you’re pulling your hair out, or a high five when you landed an awesome project… either way, it’s more valuable to have people working around you!

So there you have it. Just a few reasons to love Coworking. While we believe there’s many more than just this simple list, we encourage you to try it for yourself!

With 40% of the workforce being freelancers, temps, independent contractors, and solopreneurs by 2020, it’s about time to try Coworking, and see if this work style is for you! (It probably is).

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