4 Tips for Standing Out from the Crowd on Black Friday

4 Tips for Standing Out from the Crowd on Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming NEXT MONTH! By now, preparations should be well under way to make the most of this busy sales window. The good news is, there’s still time to maximize your efforts. This week, we’re delivering some expert tips on standing out from the crowd on Black Friday.

Here’s the situation marketers face on Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Every business is looking to get a piece of the pie and they’re all laser focusing their efforts on 10-day window. How is it possible to stand out from the crowd? Your competitors might be better resourced; they might even have better structures in place. Rather than throwing up your hands and admitting defeat, there are still lots of little steps you can take to make a big impact.

Be Honest with Customers

A pet peeve among customers is when they realize a business has been dishonest with them. Whether it’s relating to products, shipping time or returns policy, honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. If customers believe you have misled them, not only will they lose confidence in your business, they’ll likely also share their negative feedback with others. From time to time, every business will have bad news they should share with customers. Some hide it, while others choose to step up and be honest. Deliver the honesty you would like to see from businesses you buy from.

Push Your Unique Selling Point

Every business has an aspect they excel at, or a reason customers keep returning. What’s yours? Your unique selling point is the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. Make it the central pillar of your marketing efforts. That being said, don’t rest on your laurels. Continue to look for ways to reinvent and find new advantages and unique selling points. This could take the form of new products, solutions, or early adoption of emerging technologies.

Embrace Social Responsibility

As Greta Thunberg likes to remind us, we all have a role to play, no matter how small we are. Younger generations are demonstrably flocking to businesses that reflect their values. In fact, a recent Nielson Survey found 73 per cent of millennials are more likely to spend on a product or service if it comes from a sustainable brand. Whether you align with sustainable brands, or simply do good work within your community, it can have a real and tangible positive impact on your bottom line. What good will this do on Black Friday? I’m glad you asked! Consider how you can weave social responsibility into your marketing efforts. Donate a share of your sales to a charity, or partner with organizations cutting down on waste. Customers will appreciate it and it provides a powerful marketing touch point that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Customer Service is Key

Did you know: 75 per cent of customers believe customer service is the true barometer of a company’s competence. Treat your customers like royalty and they will keep coming back. This might mean hiring more staff, improving your returns policy or shipping solution. And, while these will cost money in the short term, the value to your reputation will pay that investment back time and again. It’s always worthwhile to spend money on improving your customer service. At times like Black Friday, this small aspect will help you make a lasting impression.

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