3 Tips to becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

3 Tips to becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Find your Why

In his famous TED talk, Simon Sinek told the world that the best way to be a successful leader is to start with finding your “why”. The same goes for being a successful entrepreneur - starting your own business means dedicating countless hours, heart, and energy into a single mission: making your idea live up to its potential. That means you have to do more than just trust your idea - you have to believe in its mission. No matter what your business is, whether servicing other businesses, supporting women, creating jobs, or saving the planet, your “why” rests at the heart of your entire operation. At GD Commerce, our “why” is making other small businesses succeed and constantly grow to be the best version of themselves. That “why” centres our mission and drives every decision we make, every client we help, and every idea we develop. As an entrepreneur, it’s essential that you start with discovering why you want to do whatever it is you want to do to make the world better, and let that ripple out and push your entrepreneurship to new heights.

Start Somewhere 

Businesses are started everywhere - from garages to classrooms to high-up offices. Technically, no matter where that first conversation is had, every business actually starts in the same place: the mind of an entrepreneur. The trouble is that ideas are often broad, idealistic, and complicated. Most entrepreneurs will struggle with where to start to even begin climbing the mountain that is the company they envision. Our advice is to just start somewhere. Staring up at the mountain will just intimidate you. If you need a guide, check out our good commerce checklists to set a strong foundation.

We know that as an entrepreneur, you’re excited to see your company reach its peak. But you don’t need to build that overnight. Create small actionable tasks, and do something small that builds up your business operations every day. Don’t worry about starting at the right place - there isn’t one!


Improvise, Learn, Adapt

One of the biggest assets in entrepreneurship is the ability to improvise. It’s constantly a learning process. We learn from our merchants as much as they learn from us! That’s why it’s important to never get comfortable with your knowledge, always look for new ways to do things, and adapt to overcome challenges your business will face. Connecting with other small business owners and entrepreneurs is a great way to do this - make use of networking sites like Linkedin and Facebook to learn from others’ journeys and share your own. Are you a part of the Good Commerce Connections group on Facebook? If not, you’re missing out on connecting with dozens of other entrepreneurs! Search for our group and add yourself, we'd love to have you!

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