10 Shopify Apps for Ecommerce Growth in 2023

10 Shopify Apps for Ecommerce Growth in 2023

No hyperbole, you can do anything with Shopify apps. Okay, maybe not *anything*, but in the realm of ecommerce and web development, you can get pretty dang close! 

The Shopify App Store has tons of apps and plugins that help boost conversions, target and retarget customers, increase sales, and grow your ecommerce store. 

Whether you’re looking to up your ecommerce game with email communications and loyalty systems, help along the web build, or streamline your shipping process, Shopify has an app for that. Here are our picks for 10 of our favourites!

1. Klaviyo


A great tool for learning more about your customers, Klaviyo gives you highly useful info about your customers’ journey on your site. You’ll find out how they found your website, what pages they looked at, how long they looked at them, and more. 

Klaviyo is also a great tool to use for email and SMS marketing, which is a fantastic way to retarget existing customers by offering promotions and advertising new products. 

Side note: Did you know that email marketing is one of THE best ways to increase conversions? According to Hubspot, email ROI is $36 for every $1 spent. Do not sleep on emails! 

Price: Free (with upgrades available)

2. Smile

If you’re looking for a great way to generate sales, check out Smile for referral marketing. You can design loyalty programs that use points, referrals, or VIP status to bring in more sales.

Smile is easy to set up and allows you to track your results easily with an analytics system. 

Price: Free (with premium upgrades available)

3. Instafeed

Want to promote your business’s Instagram and increase social proof at the same time? Instafeed is your app. 

Perfect for any business with a polished Instagram, Instafeed lets you display posts in grid or slider layout (with custom options available for mobile), tag products in your posts, and filter your posts by hashtags.

You’ll be able to convert shoppers into followers and browsers into buyers in one fell, stylish swoop. 

Price: Free (with premium upgrades available)

4. Rewind Backups

If you’re building a Shopify site, or thinking of building one soon, you won’t want to miss out on Rewind Backups. Rewind lets you save backup copies of your website, including your theme, products, store data, or your entire store at once. 

Rewind offers automatic real-time backups and lets you revert back to an earlier version at any time, making it indispensable throughout the lifetime of your Shopify store. 

Price: Starting at $39/month (7-day free trial)

5. Shopify Search & Discovery

Help your customers find what they didn’t know they wanted with Shopify’s free Search & Discovery app. 

This nifty little app allows you to make synonym groups, so if a search term doesn’t pull up a product, your customer will be able to see related products. You can also customize filters, highlight products in search results, and access analytics.

You’ll be able to increase conversions, raise order value, and provide a better shopping experience for your customers.

Price: Free

6. OrderlyEmails

Another great email marketing tool, OrderlyEmails lets you build custom emails that match the look and feel of your Shopify store.

If you’ve already done the work of customizing your Shopify store, creating a custom email in OrderlyEmails will be a breeze. After choosing a theme, you can customize your logo, colours, and fonts in a single click, making it dead easy for non-designers. 

Plus, add features like post purchase discounts, product recommendations, and upsells to your emails!

Price: $99/year per email theme

7. FlexReturn Return Center

Returns are a fact of ecommerce life. Make it easy on yourself with FlexReturn!

FlexReturn simplifies the return process for you by automating shipping label creation, restocking, and return approval. It shows your customers optimal return options and lets them choose product variants to exchange.

Your customer will also receive email notifications at every step of the return process and have the opportunity to upload photo proof.

Price: Starting at $6.99/month

8. ESC - Size Charts & Size Guide

Size guides are a necessity for clothing retailers. Your customer will know exactly what they’re getting and will be less likely to return their purchase as a result. 

With ESC, you can create size guides that match the design of your store and easily insert them on any page of your site with a single line of code. 

The free version of ESC allows up to 3 charts including text and images (though with the ESC watermark).

Price: Free (with premium upgrades available)

9. PayWhirl Subscription Payments

Coffee, makeup, personal grooming products - all things we need to order on a regular basis. With Paywhirl, you can easily and quickly set up flexible subscriptions for your existing refillable products.

Paywhirl integrates with product pages and carts, plus lets you save customer payment methods and offer subscription discounts. Plus, view analytics and churn stats!

Though no coding is required, Paywhirl also offers APIs, webhooks, and tag workflows for developers.

Price: $9/month (14-day free trial)

10. Easyship - All in One Shipping

As a small business, you may find yourself getting eaten alive by high international shipping rates - trust me, I’ve been there. Luckily, there’s Easyship!

Easyship helps you ship to customers around the world with lower shipping costs. You get access to exclusive prices from shipping carriers all around the world. View, manage, print labels, access invoices and receipts, and much more from the Easyship dashboard. 

Easyship offers dynamic shipping rate options for customers at checkout which is a game changer for small businesses. Plus, customize tracking, emails, and packaging slips to match the look of your business. 

Price: $29/month (14-day free trial)


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